Out & About: Experiencing Sculptured Places

Out and About”
Sculpture Exhibit and Self Guided Tour
September 27th - November 17th 2012

       YorkArts proudly puts a twist on the traditional sculptural exhibit with “Out and About”, opening September 27, 2012. Viewable at the YorkArts Gallery on 10 N Beaver St and throughout the city of York, “Out and About” seeks to highlight the creative potential of mass in relation to its environment, both indoors and out. The exhibit will feature the work of over 10 Sculptors, whose diversity in subject matter, concept, and medium is sure to captivate even the most critical of audiences.
      York itself has become a sculpted city, as local Artists such as Patrick Sells, Bob Machovec, Tom Moore and Lorann Jacobs continue to enrich our communal space with original works of public art. Whimsical street benches, metallic gardens, and even garbage cans, powerfully affect our everyday routines despite their modest subtlety. To shine light on these familiarized objects they will be included in the “Out and About” sculpture exhibit on a self guided walking tour. Visitors to YorkArts will be provided with a walking map and information pamphlet, guiding them from sculptures within the gallery to the installed pieces throughout the city’s Arts District.
      Sculpture is unique in its tangibility. Unlike a Painter, the Sculptor must consider the implications of gravity, physics, location and nature on their materials as they bring art to life. Despite these limitations, participating “Out and About” artists demonstrate the endless possibilities of form. The media exhibited ranges from Chris Noel's( Montgomery Village, MD) recycled electronics, to the Annalisa Gojmerac's (Thomasville, PA) soil samples; from the wooden work of Todd Fry (York, PA) and Clifton Santiago (York, PA), to the installed mixed media of Rebecca Quattrone (Shrewsbury, PA). Each sculpture interacts with the environment it is placed in; When the environment changes the art changes, and vice versa. A sculpture can be constituted of one solid mass, or be made up of multiple parts; meant to stand alone, move around, or hung on a wall. Showcasing selected works in and around the YorkArts Gallery, the “Out and About” exhibit challenges an audience’s definition of form, and stimulates an overall awareness of gallery and public art spaces.
      YorkArts invites all ages to join them in their celebration of sculpture, and its ability to transform a space at this event's free opening reception on September 27th from 6-8pm. The “Out and About” exhibit will be showing at the YorkArts Gallery until November 17th 2012. For more information on exhibits or programs, please call 717-848-3200.